Our Aims

Developing a generation of men worthy of the highest traditions of Islam.
To spread the virtues of Islam and its culture.
To promote the cause of education generally and of adult education in particular.
To arrange Debates, Oratorical, Do you know, Calligraphy contests, Sports and other activities.
To maintain contacts with similar institutions in Sri Lanka and abroad inter-alia by subscribing to magazines and periodicals. Inviting delegates to participate in annual conferences and arranging lectures and discourses by prominent peronalities and theologians.
To foster inter communal amity.
To publish an annual journal of the Association.
To initiate, assist, co-ordinate and conduct Ahadiya classes and youth activities.
To desseminate information and exchange ideas regularly for the benifit of the general membership and others. To promote and encourage such sports, that do not contravene the noble ideas of Islam.
To take all other steps that are necessary and desirable for the promotion of the above mentioned aims and objects.